Progress on pro-poor REDD+

Prior to the negotiations kicking off in Durban, IIED held an event on how pro-poor REDD+ is progressing. The event provided a forum for NGOs, researchers, donors and REDD+ country governments to share experiences and learn lessons from progress so far.  This blog provides key highlights from this meeting, suggesting that REDD+ 2.0 needs to change its focus towards locally controlled forestry, with emissions reductions as a co-benefit.

For further information on the main themes discussed, see the full blog.


About REDD-net

REDD-net is a network to share the information and experience among organisations working for REDD . The power of interests surrounding climate change and REDD , means that, even where governments are well-disposed, pursuing a pro-poor agenda will largely depend on the capacity of southern NGOs to assimilate the new knowledge and use it to champion the interests of the poor.
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