Welcome to the REDD-net blog

Welcome to the REDD-net blog which is being launched in the lead up to COP17 in Durban. We will be using this blog as way to provide short updates and analysis of UNFCCC negotiations as they develop, as well as providing interesting information and insights from the range of side events that REDD-net partners and members will be attending.
Over the coming weeks the REDD-net blog will feature posts from REDD-net partners attending COP17, and we also welcome guest bloggers. So if you’re interesting in doing a post – get in touch!
The blog will continue during 2012 and will be used as a way for partners and REDD-net members to publicly communicate opinions and insights from regional events, on-ground implementation and policy developments and REDD-net research.
We look forward to you feedback and comments on the blog, and encourage you to check back regularly to keep updated with REDD+ developments in Durban and beyond.


About REDD-net

REDD-net is a network to share the information and experience among organisations working for REDD . The power of interests surrounding climate change and REDD , means that, even where governments are well-disposed, pursuing a pro-poor agenda will largely depend on the capacity of southern NGOs to assimilate the new knowledge and use it to champion the interests of the poor.
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